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gourmet escape in 20 Degrés Sud plates

A journey within a journey, taste the surprises of our chef Sanjeev Purahoo's themed menus.

Immerse yourself in a delicious gastronomic experience and let yourself be enchanted by the creations of talented Chef Sanjeev Purahoo. Surprising, yet retaining the authenticity characteristic of our island, his varied menu takes you on a gourmet and succulent escape around the Mascarene Islands. Discover the delicate flavors of the Lovely Bird menu, indulge in the refinement of the Lobster Symphony or dare the unexpected with our discovery menu.

20 Degrés Sud gourmet plate finish

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We offer a range of menus to satisfy every taste. From the romantic menu to the discovery menu, let yourself be surprised by the talents of our chef Sanjeev Purahoo.

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