Hotel frontage with palm tree 20 Degrés SudHotel frontage with palm tree 20 Degrés Sud

Authenticity and coconut groves

From house to house
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Our history

The largest of the small hotels

20 Degrés hotel Sud hasn't always been a hotel, but it has always been a home.
It's these origins that allow it to convey such a hospitable and intimate feeling during your stay with us.

Originally a colonial house, it stood on the site of an ancient coconut grove, whose last representatives you can still see today.
In 1985, this grand house was transformed into a hotel for the first time, under the name "Colonial Coconut", a name which in itself crystallizes this decade.

In 2007, the name "20 Degrés Sud" appeared for the first time, celebrating the 20th parallel of the southern hemisphere that crosses the island. In 2013, the establishment joined the highly prestigious Relais & Châteaux catalog, of which it remains the sole representative in Mauritius to this day.

In 2016, our pearl on the Indian Ocean underwent its first renovation,
earning it a 5th star in 2018. Then, in 2020, the transformation continues to give the hotel
the lustre, comfort and excellent facilities you can enjoy today.

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Magnificent beachfront with sea view 20 Degres Sud
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Gaya collection

A passion for the world

At the heart of our business lies passion. A passion for creating the emotions and moments that will make up your stay with us and accompany you
for the rest of your life. A passion for enchanting places embraced by a rich heritage. A passion for service excellence.
From the outset, Gaya Collection has been committed to respecting the places where we operate. Respect for the environment, the people, the cultures, to offer you a stay in total harmony with your destination. This commitment enables us to expand our offering in a way that few hotel groups can.

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